Durable backpacks free of unnecessary components.
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shrouded zip closure with water beads shrouded zip closure with water beads
Protection from the elements

Why risk exposing your stuff to water, sand, dirt or other environmental factors if you don't have to? Many popular consumer and professional electronic devices do not include substantial environmental sealing. Paper doesn't do well with moisture. Clothing, food, medication and many other daily carry items all benefit from environmental isolation.

Choose from several models which offer different levels of sealing to meet your specific needs. Carry your equipment with confidence knowing it will be ready when you need it.
backpack straps and back panel backpack straps and back panel
Structured for support

Each design incorporates specifically tuned structural elements such as lightweight non-absorbent closed cell foam padding and/or a removable frame sheet. These materials are chosen and placed to provide a supportive, semi-rigid structure which flexes and moves with you yet maintains its shape when the bag is heavily loaded.

A good balance between rigidity and flex optimizes support and enables you to comfortably wear your bag for a longer period of time, conserving your energy for other tasks.
carrying a huge box with cargo straps carrying a huge box with cargo straps
Customizable versatility

At the time of your order and depending on which model you choose, you will have options to add features such as cargo straps (shown above), PALS/MOLLE webbing, built-in pockets, hydration compatibility, a laptop sleeve and/or Velcro® loop panels.

Excess straps hanging down can be annoying or even dangerous. Therefore, all models are designed with removable or stowable external components. This key feature reduces exterior snag points for situations such as checking the bag on an airplane, minimizing drag while swimming or keeping straps out of the way during dynamic movement. It also provides the ability to set shoulder, waist and other straps at a fixed length if you prefer to run your bag that way.
structural seams on shoulder and waist straps structural seams on shoulder and waist straps
High performance materials

Every bag is built with lightweight, durable components from brands such as Cordura®, ITW Nexus®, YKK®, TiZip®, Dimension-Polyant® and others. Waterproof fabrics include vinyl and TPU coated types. These materials are assembled with mil-spec webbing, strong nylon thread and high stitch count seams. Reinforcements and/or permanent seam sealing are included at all critical areas.
backpack with replaceable waterproof liner backpack with replaceable waterproof liner
Unparalleled repairability

Models with roll-top closures are built with a two-layer inner liner/outer shell design. The liner can be replaced separately for much less than the cost of a whole new bag. This design can potentially double (or more!) the functional life of the bag for some users, thereby lowering the cost of ownership and keeping more materials out of the waste stream.
dirty backpack with cute dog pannier mounting hardware huge messenger backpack set of bags showing PALS and smooth exterior options old classic backpack side lash points gray and blue classic backpack neon pink custom bicycle frame bag
Beauty in utility

I don't make anything purely for good looks. Simple, useful, highly integrated designs rendered with quality materials and construction are what I find most aesthetically pleasing. Regardless of which model and configuration you choose, you'll receive a piece of equipment which is designed for no-frills, rugged utility.